tk šmarnogorska naveza


Gora record

Friday, october 1st. 2021

Also this year we are offering you a running event as part of the SMARNA GORA RUNNING.

The Rekord running event on Šmarna gora has been taking place in June for the last few years as part of the June Cup. Due to the pandemic, it was canceled in June, and is now returning in October as part of the Šmarnogorska runs, together with the Šmarna gora run.


A challenge for record hunters

The shortest route to Gora has always been a special challenge for record hunters. Mountaineers, athletes, cyclists, football players, cross-country skiers and others – all athletes from the near and far vicinity of Ljubljana have been testing on the Šmarnogorska slope for decades and competing informally to see who will be faster.

Record on Record

The current absolute record was set on June 13, 2017. Eritrean Petro Mamu is one of the most successful mountain runners of recent years. He responded to the invitation and took part in the 22nd Šmarna gora Record. He overcame the Šmarnogorska slope in a record 11 minutes and 8 seconds. On June 11, 2019, the fastest Slovenian ascent to Šmarna gora was achieved by Timotej Bečan with a time of 11min 13s.